I am frequently told that I am living the mythical “Tuscan dream”. When the nightingale sings me to sleep after a day of transforming fabulous ingredients collected personally from local growers and producers into flavourful dishes that have been made by generations of Italian women to nourish their families, it's difficult not to admit that they may have something.

The gamble of giving up London life and a career that I loved in charity fundraising to come to Tuscany for the love of a Florentine, has been a constant and ongoing adventure. My husband’s work with antique engravings and frames and our shared love of hunting out antiques and endearing ‘used’ domestic objects, has blended blissfully in the restoration of our home, while our equal enthusiasm and curiosity for local produce and for the people behind the production and transformation of the ingredients, has gradually evolved into a lifestyle that I could never have envisaged. The wonderful people that I have met from all over the world, in our cooking classes, has added an amazing extra dimension.

Containing my enthusiasm for my food experiences in Tuscany is impossible. It spills over the confines of web-speak; a veritable ‘Stendhalan’ gastronomic reaction to a plethora of culinary traditions and fabulous ingredients.

To share these spontaneous local food experiences with other Tuscan lifestyle foodies, I am indulging in this spill-over page which will take a through-the-season look at Tuscan food things. It may be finding newly discovered hidden away growers, cheese makers, family producers; sampling wine with a local wine maker, walking into a hill top village at the moment the villagers are popping traditional dishes into the wood oven; gathering wild “field salad” or funghi with a Tuscan mamma; impromptu cooking lessons with the locals. Anything, in short, which tickles my food fancies in Tuscany. So watch this page.

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